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'Rathaus Galerie Wuppertal'

Revitalisation of the Rathaus Galerie in Wuppertal on success track with new tenant

Berlin/ Wuppertal, 29 March 2022. Berlin/ Wuppertal, 29 March 2022. The Rathaus Galerie has successfully acquired the Bergische Universität (University of Wuppertal) as a long-term tenant for some 6,000 m². Discussions with other operators are far advanced. Thus the newly developed use concept for the Rathaus Galerie is taking shape.

Central points of the reorientation are the development of the Rathaus Galerie into an education and service centre while at the same time strengthening the segment for supplying food and daily needs with renowned specialist shop operators. he gastronomic selection will be reconceptualised with a contemporary urbane atmosphere. The current medical facilities are to be expanded and complemented. In future recreational activities will round off the selection. A concentration of the retail spaces on the first ground floor “Willy Brandt Platz” and the ground floor 2 “Karlsplatz” assures short routes and easy orientation.

A new system for guiding customers within and without of the Rathaus Galerie will be developed. New lifts, better parking space illumination and optimised entrance to the parking garage are intended to increase the comfort and utility of the facilities in the Rathaus Galerie and contribute to the customers’ well-being while they are there.

RREE – Retail Real Estate Experts GmbH, Leverkusen, engaged in cooperation DIS Die Immobilien Strategie GmbH, Troisdorf to let the property, see the general precondition for successful letting and reorientation the consideration of current operator requirements regarding space sizes and the layout of sales spaces. However it is also important to have a clear vision for the reorientation and persistent efforts until implementation.

It must be emphasised that the continuing very good cooperation with the FACILITY SYSTEMS GmbH of Lübeck, engaged with the centre management as well as the commercial and technical administration, is especially important for successful implementation of the overall strategy.

Annett Mahr, asset manager at LIVOS Group: “The current developments for this project make us most convinced that the Rathaus Galerie will again be a lively location in downtown Wuppertal in the future. The good cooperation between the city and the university speak for it.”
Currently deconstruction work is being performed in the spaces intended for the Bergische Universität Wuppertal. Starting April 2022 new construction will begin in these rental spaces. Initial delivery after the remodelling is planned for the end of 2022. Completion of all the construction measures in the Rathaus Galerie is planned for the end of 2023.

“With the relocation of the Institute for Psychology to the Rathaus Galerie we initially solve a space and capacity problem at our three core locations in Wuppertal,” summarised university chancellor Dr Roland Kischkel the objectives of the Bergische Universität. At the same time he emphasises that the new spaces also permit close cooperation within the institute. Moreover the university goes to another location within Wuppertal, with a central location that is easy to reach and brings the university closer to the city’s life and day-to-day contact with many people.” Starting September 2022 the Rathaus Galerie will not only be the site of research, teaching and clinical training in psychology and psychotherapy for more than 600 students. “In addition two university out-patient clinics for psychotherapy will offer their treatment close to the city: the current clinic for adults and a new one for children and adolescents,” explained institute spokesperson Professor Ralf Schulze. The first departments of the Institute for Psychology will move from the Grifflenberg campus to the Rathaus Galerie in autumn 2022. Altogether eight of the ten the institute’s professorships will be located in the Rathaus Galerie in future.

The city also favours the project. Thus department head Arno Minas (Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen) said about the project: “The city of Wuppertal welcomes the future development of Rathaus Galerie enormously. Anchoring the Bergische Universität Wuppertal in the centre of Elberfeld to this extent will give a very strong impulse for urban development in Elberfeld, but also beyond.”

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